Hvor i London kan man få tak i glutenfri mat ???

Mona Myhre lurer på følgende:
Hvor i London kan man få tak i glutenfri mat??? Ønsker tips til matbutikker, restauranter osv?

Du finner endel tips her: http://www.viewlondon.co.uk/restaurants/gluten-free-restaurants-in-london-recommended-london-277.html

Her er også endel tips jeg har fått fra cøliaki forbundet i England:

In the UK, you can buy gluten-free foods from the major supermarkets in the ?Free From? aisle. The main ones are Tesco, ASDA, Morrison?s and Sainsbury?s. Also, many foods display a gluten-free symbol which is helpful. There are also health food stores such as Julian Graves and Holland & Barratt, which usually stock gluten-free foods. There is generally a good range available so buying gluten-free food should not be a problem.

All pre- packaged food bought in the UK are covered by the current EU wide food labelling legislation. This means that a gluten-containing cereal used as a deliberate ingredient in a product must appear on the ingredients list, regardless of the amount used.

Manufacturers will name the particular grain i.e. ?wheat?, ?rye?, ?barley?, ?oats?; or some will use the word gluten as well i.e. ?wheat gluten?. This information must be declared in the ingredients list, whereas the allergy advice box is only a recommendation (and is not compulsory). Therefore it is important that anyone following a gluten-free diet check both the ingredients list and the allergy advice box.

McDonalds and Burger King do not provide gluten-free bread, however they do have some gluten-free products.

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